About Us

Flagship Boutique at Orchrard Central 
Lovelotsluxury Pte Ltd is a trusted online Singapore based registered company specializing in buying, consigning and selling of authenticated preowned designer luxury pieces. Our very first office showroom is established in 2018 at Venture Drive.
Lovelotsluxury was built upon the love for luxury designer pieces since 2012, starting from buying and trying out different pieces to see how it fits into the day to day life and occasions. Originating from a humble background, it was impossible to own multiple luxury pieces at a go, thus it led to the habit of constantly looking out for deals to buy, trying it out and then reselling for the next piece. This has since evolved to the current days and has been a common practice now for many luxury lovers. With the evolving fashion trend and constant new releases under the big brands, it is impractical to stick with one design for long, much less to suit all the different occasions.
Lovelotsluxury thus offers a range of preowned luxury bags, accessories, watches and shoes from coveted designer labels mainly Chanel, Hermes, Dior, Gucci and Louis Vuitton.


Customer Service - We strongly believe in treating each and every of our customer the way we would like to be treated having gone through bad shopping experiences under established brands. We believe social status should not define the shopping experience one should receive. Unbiased treatment should be adopted.
Authenticity - Customers can always be assured of getting the best shopping experience in terms of our products and personal services. We believe that authenticity is important in the luxury resale industry, thus every item we receive is subjected to a strict authentication process where our experienced and knowledgeable team inspects accordingly. Third party authentication is also available with a cert upon the request of clients whom prefers additional assurance.