A. Send us some photos of the item(s) with the following details, so that we can examine and give you the most accurate possible price quotation. They will be based on several factors such as demand, color, material, series and condition etc. 

Name of item:

Condition of item: (e.g, new or any flaws)
What does it come with:

Retail price:

B. Consignment payout/buyout quote range will then be provided. Price quoted will be the amount consignor can expect to take back.

C. Upon agreeable payout/buyout price, consignor may schedule an appointment with us to drop-off your item(s) at our office showroom located at

Orchard Central #04-02
181 Orchard Road
Singapore 238896
Daily, 10.30am - 7pm

MRT Somerset Station

Alternatively, local consignment pick-up service can be provided (usually 10-6pm) at 20 SGD for in-house or 10 SGD for outsourced courier service.

D. Item(s) will go through a stringent authenticity check and condition evaluation to finalize the payout/buyout rate. Upon agreement, an invoice will be issued and item will be sent for photo-taking before uploading onto our platform which generally takes between 1-4 working days to get it listed up at a marked-up price from our quotation. We will not be deducting our fees from the price we have quoted you.

E. Our marked-up ranging from:

100 SGD to 500 SGD for small items (accessories, small leather goods or lower value items)
500 SGD to 1,000 SGD for big items (bags or higher value items)

900 SGD to 1,500 SGD for Hermes (bags or higher value items)
 8 to 15 percent of value for Hermes Exotic / Premium Watches

F. Your item(s) is required to stay with us for a minimum of 30 days/1 month to sell. If you wish to take back your item(s) before the timeframe, there will be a 100-400 SGD (subject to brand, model and value) fee imposed for collection for all early withdrawals. After the 30-day/1 month timeframe, if the consignment item(s) are still available/ unsold you may continue to leave them under consignment or can choose to take back at any time within our working hours with no additional charge.

G. In any case of a need for price reduction or adjustment (only if it affects your payout rate), we will seek for your consent.

H. In the event if the item(s) is under hold, pending or reservation status as per sales advisor note, which means they are in the midst of a transaction - Seller / consignor will thus have to wait for the transaction to be entirely completed before payout advise.

J. Do not attempt to send in illegal counterfeit products. In any case if item(s) is deemed unclear in authenticity or non-authentic after further inspection, consignor will need to self-collect item from our showroom with a fee of 200-500 SGD for bags or higher value goods and 100-200 SGD for small leather goods, accessories and shoes as part of the administrative and authentication fees.

K. Once item(s) is confirmed as sold, we will get in touch with you and process the payout within 1-4 working days via cheque or bank transfer.

L. What item(s) can I consign with Lovelotsluxury?

We accept the following brands:

Chanel and Hermes mainly. (Selective models: Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci, Celine and Saint Laurent)


Contact for consignment:

WhatsApp: +6592776377 or Email: